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Date of Decision



1. P-16-76 Toyota Motor Distributors, Inc. vs. Burbank Toyota 3/17/76 5 Petition denied
2.P-47-77Frank I. Redding vs. John Lemme and American Honda Motor Company, Inc. 9/25/798Petition denied
3.P-48-78 Arrow Motors, Inc., City of Compton, California vs. Volvo of America Corporation Western Division, and Jim Gray Imports, Inc.8/17/7811Relocation permitted
4.P-62-80 East Valley Motors, Inc., dba Ontario Honda Sales & Service vs. American Honda Motor Company, Inc.4/23/805Petition dismissed
5.P-64-80 Solano Volkswagen, dba Oliver Volkswagen; Oliver Hindley; Arthur W. Roegner, Jr.,Auckland Enterprises vs. Volkswagen of America, Inc.9/29/8019 Volkswagen shall not withhold its consent to the transfer of the dealership
6. P-145-87
PR-712-84 (3060 non-renewal)
Auto Trends, Inc. vs. Jaguar Cars, Inc., et al.3/29/9136Relief sought in petition is denied; protest is overruled
7. P-146-87
PR-871-87 (3060T)
Brian Chuchua's Jeep dba Brian Chuchua's Four Wheel Drive Center vs. American Motor Sales Corporation9/29/8726 Petition decision is unsigned; Protest overruled but termination conditionally stayed
8. P-147-87
P-166-88 through P-173-8 8PR-713-84 (3060 non-renewal)
Ray Fladeboe Lincoln-Mercury, Inc., dba Ray Fladeboe British Motor Cars vs. Jaguar Cars, Inc., et al.3/29/9134Relief sought by the petitions is denied; protest is overruled
9.P-164-88 R. L. Walters vs. Paccar, Inc.10/24/9115 Damages were awarded to petitioner
10. P-177-88
PR-1003-88 (3060T)
Michael Imports, Inc., dba Van Ness Hyundai v. Hyundai Motor America7/11/906 Van Ness violated the terms of stipulated decision; termination permitted
11.P-187-89 Robert D. Nesen; Nesen Motor Car Company, Inc., dba Nesen Cadillac vs. General Motors Corporation, Cadillac Motor Car Division12/15/8920Relief sought by petition is denied
12.P-199-90 Volkswagen Santa Monica, Inc., dba Hyundai Santa Monica vs. Hyundai Motor America7/2/9112Relief sought by petition is denied
13.P-205-90 Bingham Toyota, Inc. vs. Toyota Motor Distributors, Inc., and Toyota Motor Sales in U.S.A.6/14/9118Relief sought by petition is denied
14.P-208-90 Person Oldsmobile vs. Oldsmobile Motor Division, General Motors Corporation9/12/9515Relief sought by petition is denied
15.P-219-91 Swift Dodge, Inc., dba Swift Avanti vs. Avanti Automotive Corporation and the Cafaro Company10/9/9220Relief sought by the petition was granted
16.P-225-91 Santa Monica BMW, Inc. vs. BMW of North America, BMW of Beverly Hills, Does 1 thru10; Zipper BMW of Beverly Hills (Interested Individual)3/21/9515Relief sought by petition is denied
17.P-230-91 Quaid Imports, Inc. vs. Maserati Automobiles, Inc.7/2/9211 petition is denied



Toyota Motor Distributors, Inc. vs. Sappora Nara Group, Inc. dba L.A. Airport Toyota; Kwang H. Kim; Yeong Joo Cho; Ken Jellerson, and DOES 1-20, Inclusive.4/8/9213 Petitioner Kim and Cho are jointly and severably indebted and shall pay Toyota Motor Distributors for the sum of $286,102.96 plus interest. Protest was dismissed.


PR-1254-92 Sec. 1,
Sec. 2 (3065)

Mathew Zaheri Corporation, dba Hayward Mitsubishi and Mathew Zaheri vs. Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc.10/13/9479 Relief sought by the protest and petition is denied; Respondent to recover costs and reasonable attorney's fees



Black on Black Imports,Inc. vs. R.B.B., Inc., dba Ferrari of Los Gatos; Brian Burnett; Scott Cote R. B. B.,Inc., dba Ferrari of Los Gatos vs. Black on Black Imports, Rick Black 7/9/9312 Ferrari of Los Gatos is denied relief and shall return $15,000 to Black on Black Imports; Black on Black is denied down payment
21.P-260-93 Frances Holmes, Marvin Holmes vs. American Honda Motor Co., Inc.6/17/947 Petitioners shall recover $13,270.60 upon payment of $200 filing fee
22.P-290-94 Mark K. Elward, Michael L. Elward, and William R. Winterhalder vs. Mazda Motor of America, Inc.9/12/9521Relief sought by the petition is denied
23. P-317-94 (really a 3065.1 protest) Vince Wiese Chevrolet, Inc., dba Scott Irvin Chevrolet v. General Motors Corporation1/28/9710Relief sought by the petition is denied
24.P-344-95 Ray Fladeboe Lincoln-Mercury, Inc. vs. Ford Motor Company, Lincoln-Mercury Division1/28/9715 Petition is overruled
25. P-351-96 (really a 3065.1 protest) Davidson Chevrolet/Geo, Inc. vs. General Motors Corporation and Does 1 through 15,inclusive3/23/9814 Respondent was allowed to recover $348,836.  (Proposed decision after Board remand)
26.P-355-96 Quaid Imports, Inc. vs. Nissan Motor Corporation in U.S.A.1/22/9817 Nissan shall reimburse Quaid for $5,723.72
27.P-405-97 Harley-Davidson Motor Company vs. J.S. Storey, Jr., individually and doing business as Harley-Davidson of Merced 1/22/9814 Request for declaratory relief is granted as set forth in the decision; request for attorney's fees is denied
28.P-450-02 University Ford, dba Bob Baker Ford v. Ford Motor Company7/21/0335 Petition is overruled (Proposed decision after Board remand)